The Ghost

A man is haunted in the middle of the night by a ‘ghost’! He is suddenly hit by the realization and subsequent repentance of having done something dreadful earlier. So, is he imagining it all or is the ghost for real?

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Under the lofty hills, across the still lake,

The night deepens but he lies wide awake.

Tired body but his mind runs restless,

What bothers him is anyone’s guess.

Far south a lonely wolf lets out a howl

Complemented by the nearby hooting of an owl.

The boy now wonders what goes on at night:

When the graveyard is dark and there is no light!

He thought he had seen a shadow by the window,

He had closed his eyes and prayed for it to go.

To his horror, the silhouette moved not a tad

The boy had curled up, deep into his bed.

The winds are chilly but he shivers with fear,

He now knows for sure his end is near!

The wolf lets out another forlorn cry,

The boy gulps, his throat has turned dry.

A million thoughts run through his head:

The rumours of the ghost are quite widespread!

The spirit is known to go after young men

He had since dreaded the frightful apparition.

The night is deep and he is all alone

The spectre must know he is most prone!

What if ‘it’ has decided to visit him tonight?

Who will save him from the dreadful sprite?


In that moment of despair, inside his lair,

He remembers his lover with all the care.

How he had fought her over trifling matters

Their relationship now torn to tatters.

Right after they had their final fight

He had turned her out on that dreadful night.

He would have no more, he had resolved.

He repented though after his anger dissolved.

He had looked for her far and wide,

Upon the hills and along the river side;

For days and weeks but all in vain,

She may have decided to never come again!

He curses himself now for losing his mind,

How he wishes they could leave all behind!

The spectre now so close in proximity,

He longs for his lover in all possibility.

He will, without doubt, find solace in her arms

That will protect him from all the deadly charms.

He hopes somehow she will listen to his cries,

And be with him before his cadaver lies.


The spirit stands watching silently through;

Night after night that is what it will do.

The wolf howls and the owl hoots in chant,

A ghost from the past that has come to haunt!

Who/What is the ghost?

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  1. The ‘ghost’ for me has always been an indelible impression of our past. For me, the ghost in this poem is not an occult object, but the extension of the boy’s guilt that haunts him that night and perhaps will haunt him forever, till he is freed from his guilt. Your poem has created a befitting eerie backdrop to explain the dark insecurity of a love-lost person dramatically. But it is human psyche to over-interpret regular happenings when we are helpless or expecting something irregular. Your poem gives to its readers the freedom to interpret it in their own way…it stands on the crossroads of mind and mystery.

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  2. The background woven is fantastic! To be fairly in parapsychic parlance I would like to believe that the lady love has come to visit him out of longing. Love transcends all borders even dimensions as beautifully shown in “interstellar”! great piece of work. expecting many more to come!

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  3. this is a story of every man who has committed guilt and has never been able to forgive himself. When he sees himself in the mirror, it hounds him as “the night is dark and full of terrors”. He lost the love of his life and the lonely night reminds him of the same, resonating through this e”Maji”nary ghost…


  4. My thoughts echo those of Deblina above. The ghost is metaphorically his guilt over turning out his love. And his haunting goes even deeper because he can’t find her to say he is sorry. He has lost her due to his own actions, and punishes himself, using fright to replace pain and anguish.

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    1. I am sure Deblina will be very glad to know this. I like the idea that on a subconscious level, he is punishing himself through fright. The poem is serving the purpose that I wanted it to. It is bringing about sides of the human psyche that it only known to the persons who possess it. I am getting to learn a lot more and get inspired too.

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  5. The backdrop is impeccably set in the poem to exude a paranormal feeling. The ghost is the shadow of the past, the fear, the contrition the feeling of loss which the boy was having deep within his heart. The ghost is also his atonement which reminds him of the injustice he had done.

    The way you’ve set the ambience somehow reminded me of Walter de la Mare’s “The Listeners”.


    1. “The ghost is the shadow of the past…” Well, to be honest, the conception of this poem came from the pun in the Bengali term for the words.
      And yes, Walter de la Mare’s The Listeners did play a strong influence while composing the poem.

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