Daydreaming – An ABC poem

Wikipedia describes Daydreaming as a short-term detachment from one’s immediate surroundings, during which a person’s contact with reality is blurred and partially substituted by a visionary fantasy, especially one of happy, pleasant thoughts, hopes or ambitions, imagined as coming to pass, and experienced while awake.

Read my A-B-C poem in this context!

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The Ghost

A man is haunted in the middle of the night by a ‘ghost’! He is suddenly hit by the realization and subsequent repentance of having done something dreadful earlier. So, is he imagining it all or is the ghost for real?

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Read the poem here!

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Most Shameless

I once met a man in his sixty-fours,

“The ‘most shameless’ girl lives next-doors”

With revulsion on his face, he continued-

“She stays all day without any clothes!”


“You’ve got to see one of her shows”,

With that he pulled me to the windows.

I peeped red-faced, then said ‘Nothing!’

“The angle’s just right when you stand on your toes.”


Conviction-do not stop believing in you

Do not let go of your convictions so easily…

You need to confirm beyond doubt that you are wrong!



The extent of your knowledge

should be

The most essential part of your knowledge.

Whither Indian Democracy

A wonderful political piece by Deblina, delving into the inherent contradictions and evolution of Democracy in the Indian context.
The forum too, though nascent, is a great initiative taken up by a new generation of political enthusiasts. Do pay a visit and read through some of the articles.

Politically Correct

The known history of democracy dates back to ancient Greece, where some of the small city states devised democratic governments for themselves. But the experience of democracy was not pleasant for the philosophical masters-Plato and Aristotle- who criticized democracy as the worst possible form of government, mainly due to the volatility of the mass-mentality. According to them, not everyone is naturally endowed with the knowledge about the art of governance, and hence, the specialized task of ruling a state should not solely be left to the whims and fancies of the common ignorant masses. From then on, history has taken a long leap to the modern age where democracy had become the demand of the people in the 18th century. The claustrophobic political, economic and social environment under the self-centered aristocratic rule motivated the people to impatiently demand for civil and political rights, the most brilliant example of which…

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Difficult times…


Difficult times are doubly good…
They bring out the best in you…
…and the worst in others.



To ignore ourselves is nothing less than a sin…

…And someday life will avenge the neglect!

Monsoon Love!

On a scorching summer afternoon,

You came like the quenching monsoon.

Drenched and intoxicated I sure was!

But I knew it wouldn’t last, because

Seasons change and winds take you away,

Hotter summer suns thus given way.

But just when I hang up my wet heart to drain,

You rain over me over and over again…

Life is like the cycle of seasons where the good times come and go, but it is the love that lingers on…

Happy Monsoons… Enjoy the rain and love! 🙂

Spirituality and Wisdom


Religion is not important for Spirituality,
Scriptures are not important for Wisdom.



If we could see our Future,

we would stop Learning from our Past…

…and Living in our Present!

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