While the world is trembling under the trauma of the pandemic, an exodus of migrant labourers is taking place and thousands are marching back ‘home’. It may not be a prosperous abode for them, but definitely a temple of peace. 

For most, ‘staying home’ is a monotonous affair, but for some, ‘home’ is a thousand mile walk… 

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Towering Hopes

Hope is a good thing, may be best of things and no good thing ever dies.”

The world that we know of is slowly changing. We need to overcome the darkness with every sliver of light, quell melancholy with moments of joy and fight despair with our neverending hopes…

Walk with me, will you?
Down these gentle slopes,
And up those steeps too –
To all those towering hopes.

Let’s begin our journey here –
Under these starry nights;
We cannot just disappear,
Into the blinding lights.

This won’t make us crumble,
We shall know no pain,
We may stagger and stumble,
But only to rise up again.

This too shall pass, true!
And bring with it a new day.
Let’s build our home anew –
You and me, we’re here to stay!

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