Love me forever…

Love me now, love me forever,

Promise me you’ll leave me never.

Hug me cozy, hold me tight,

Keep me warm all through the night.

Grow up with me, grow old with me,

You have indeed become my destiny.

Speak to me, hear me too,

I want to share everything with you.

Gaze at me, stare at me,

I dress up for only you to see.

Smile at me, laugh with me,

For it’s with you I am most free.

Peck me tender, kiss me with lust,

Assure me you’ll not break my trust.

Whisper softly, feel my heartbeat,

This is the moment when two souls meet.

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Limericks: Wish I knew!

If I knew of the secret tricks,

I could write my own limericks:

Funny but subtle,

Without inviting trouble,

Tongue-in-cheek takes on politics.

Last Night Together

“Parting is such sweet sorrow…” With each separation comes a time of celebration of the dying moments, a final flourish of ecstasy and euphoria.

Draw the curtains, dim the light,

We ought to celebrate this night.

Play the record, hum a tune,

Sing a song about the moon.

Take my hand, waltz with me,

Into the night with a frenzy.

The night’s young, so are our souls

Tonight’s the night we lose control.

Time is scarce, moments precious

So, this night is about only us.

Hold me close, kiss my lips,

Forgetting all our past hardships.

Don’t be scared, don’t shed a tear,

We shall rejoice till I am here.

Tonight is last, there’s no tomorrow,

At daylight, you must let me go.

Humor: How I sang a beautiful song in the most hideous way, and still got applauded!

This happened to me during our induction process when I first joined IBM. We were all graduate hires, fresh out of college, not yet recovered from the college hangover. 🙂

So, there was a female instructor (probably for Oracle PL/SQL) who was teaching us more on the values of life than the subject matter at hand. Many were dozing off due to all the ‘gyan’ (remember the college hangover) and weren’t really paying attention to her anymore.

Suddenly, she had a moment of divine realization and asked one of the girls in the front row to sing. Maybe it was her way of breaking the monotony and waking the sleepy heads up. The girl sang well, if I remember correctly. We clapped. Suddenly, the lady points at me in the distant corner and says ‘you look like you have a nice voice! Can you sing for us?

Find out what happened next…

An Evening with My thoughts

The balcony of my hotel room overlooks the beautiful lake of Mirik. The small stone bridge across it resembles the imagery created by the western fairy tales, and the pine trees lining the lake and the cool weather of this hill station will make anyone forget the country we are in. In the morning, I had seen the gathering of the tourists in the field adjacent to the lake, the locals selling their fares, the horses busy carrying the loads of these excited visitors and couples and families boating on the lake.

But with the drawing of the night, the busy spot has retired to a calm and meditative environment. The darkness enveloped the cold hills, but the clear November night sky lit its numerous lamps. The full moon, with no man-made rivals here, is glowing with all its majesty. Its reflection is dancing on the lake’s restless water, and the crests of the ripples are crowned with the silvery sparkling light. The boats tied to the small jetty were also moving up and down with the ripples. There seems to be a secret divine music playing, inaudible to the mortal ears, but its rhythmic manifestation is visible to a keen onlooker.

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What do I do when I cannot sleep?

Do I sum up the stars or count sheep?

When I cannot close my scarlet eyes,

I keep looking for the fiery fireflies…

Weary and weak, evident from the yawn,

Waiting impatiently for the break of dawn.

I take the pills to sedate the pains–

The effects of caffeine in my veins!

Sing me a lullaby, my ears do yearn;

But I only hear the second’s hand turn.

Tossing and turning on these sultry nights

I count the number of passing headlights.

Seeking a bit of solace in the thought

I am not the lone nocturnal distraught!

Hoots and chirps, croaks and barks,

This world comes alive only after darks.

Creatures are wide-awake just as me!

Only that I have been too tired to see.

Most Shameless

I once met a man in his sixty-fours,

“The ‘most shameless’ girl lives next-doors”

With revulsion on his face, he continued-

“She stays all day without any clothes!”


“You’ve got to see one of her shows”,

With that he pulled me to the windows.

I peeped red-faced, then said ‘Nothing!’

“The angle’s just right when you stand on your toes.”


Conviction-do not stop believing in you

Do not let go of your convictions so easily…

You need to confirm beyond doubt that you are wrong!



The extent of your knowledge

should be

The most essential part of your knowledge.

Whither Indian Democracy

A wonderful political piece by Deblina, delving into the inherent contradictions and evolution of Democracy in the Indian context.
The forum too, though nascent, is a great initiative taken up by a new generation of political enthusiasts. Do pay a visit and read through some of the articles.

Politically Correct

The known history of democracy dates back to ancient Greece, where some of the small city states devised democratic governments for themselves. But the experience of democracy was not pleasant for the philosophical masters-Plato and Aristotle- who criticized democracy as the worst possible form of government, mainly due to the volatility of the mass-mentality. According to them, not everyone is naturally endowed with the knowledge about the art of governance, and hence, the specialized task of ruling a state should not solely be left to the whims and fancies of the common ignorant masses. From then on, history has taken a long leap to the modern age where democracy had become the demand of the people in the 18th century. The claustrophobic political, economic and social environment under the self-centered aristocratic rule motivated the people to impatiently demand for civil and political rights, the most brilliant example of which…

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